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Doctors 24 HS, Inc. does not participate with Medicare or Medicaid. 

A credit card is required to reserve an appointment for a hotel/office or house call visit.

​We do not accept personal checks from new patients.

​If you desire medical testing or a procedure in your home, hotel or office but do not need to see our doctors, you need to have an official prescription from your doctor with specific orders.

​Cancellation Fee: 100% of the consultation cost - this fee will be applied to all appointments cancelled within 24 hours of the ​appointment request.

​No Show Fee: 100% of the cost of your visit - a "no show fee" is when you have the doctor visit scheduled to your hotel,
home or office and you are not there when the doctor is at your place for your scheduled visit; or is en route to your scheduled location; or is at your location and, for whatever reason, the service does not occur. 

Physical Therapy House Call: Please call to confirm fee. 

​Nutritionist House Call : Please call to confirm fee. 

Doctor Hospital Visit: $1,650, scheduled 24 hours in advance.

Doctor Home/Hotel visit: (NYC except Staten Island): $1,650, scheduled 24 hours in advance.

Doctor Home/Hotel visit "URGENT": with doctor arrival requested by patient within 24 hours of patient's call: $3,700 to 7,500.

Doctor Home/Hotel visit by Specialist Physician: $2,150 + cost of procedure [approximately $1000 to $5,000 per procedure, scheduled 24 hours in advance.

Doctor Home/Hotel visit: (Staten Island and Outside NYC): $1,650 plus $600 per hour transit time (in each direction),
scheduled 24 hours in advance.

Doctor House Call by Specialist (Staten Island and Outside NYC): please call to confirm fees.

Nurse House Call: Please call to confirm fees. 

Prolonged Service Fee: 50 to 100% of the consultation cost (A "Prolonged Service Fee" is when the patient is late for their appointment, requiring our doctors to wait greater than 30 minutes after the scheduled appointment time or if a consultation is extended).

​Ultrasound: Call to confirm fees.

Travel vaccine: $300 to $350 per vaccine. 

​X-Ray Home: Please call to confirm fee.

Additional charges: after hours fee: between 5pm to 8am  Monday-Friday,and Saturdays and Sundays: $2,000.